Get your country for your IP address.

Host Name:

IP Address:

Country Code: US

Full Name: United States

Short Name: United States

Flag: [large image]

Capital: Washington, District of Columbia

Population: 304,367,000

Total Area (KM2): 9,629,090

Currency Code: USD

Calling Code: +1 XXX

Internet Tld: .us

Region: North America [more...]

Latitude: 37.09024

Longitude: -95.712891

How to get an IP from another country

There are many reasons for the need to get an IP address from a different country. Some need the privacy, others need it for work purposes and some might even need to unblock certain websites. Whatever the reason the solution is the same.

What you need is access to a Virtual Private Network also known as VPN. When you connect to a VPN you will obtain an IP-address from the server you log on to. If this server is located in another country you will adopt an IP-address from this country. It is really that simple.

Here are some VPN providers that you might consider:

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